About us - Eticks. ticketing for you and your audience.

Eticks is Australia’s premier ticketing platform for performers and venues.
Twenty-six years of managing and producing events have taught us what’s needed in a ticketing solution. We’ve also experienced first -hand what is lacking in the current ticketing platforms available. So when we designed Eticks, we knew what our clients wanted and needed.
As the newest arm of our parent company “Kids Promotions”, we’ve entered the market with a refined take on how to manage ticketing easily and effectively.
We’re just like you. We require the services of a ticketing platform. And until we created our own, we’ve never come across a platform that we considered to be up to scratch.
So, we built our own.  

we designed a ticketing platform for people like us.
we designed this for you


A family owned and operated company, Eticks understands that the key to our success is the superior customer service we offer over our competitors. Eticks has been designed with exceptional customer service at the core of our system. When you call us, you speak to us. No call centre’s here.

The Eticks name may be new, but we’ve acquired more than a quarter of a century of event and ticketing experience to get where we are today. And that experience has culminated in what we believe to be, the most user-friendly ticketing solution around.

How great would it be to be able to offer your audience a ticketing platform that is more than just a seating plan and a payment method?

When you use Eticks for your event, we make it all easy. But not just easy. We make it effective, flexible, tailor-made and accommodating. Bundle this together with the best support and customer service model in the industry, and Eticks becomes the foremost option for you, and your audience.